Step 1 of 4. Powering the BN


Tarana recommends that the BN be powered and get an initial configuration prior to being mounted on the tower.

The BN requires power and a connection on a data port for Tarana Cloud Suite (TCS) operation. The voltage required is -48 VDC supplied on the Harting power connector through the power port only. Power options are to provide -48VDC from the site or -48VDC from the Tarana AC/DC outdoor-rated power adaptor using AC power from the site. Regardless, the DC power cable must be terminated with a Harting Push-Pull, quick-disconnect, IP67 rated connector, with pinouts as follows: 

Pin 1 is +48V compared to pin 4, or pin 4 is -48V compared to pin 1. Pin 1 and pin 4 are isolated from the chassis ground, while pin 3 is connected to the chassis ground inside the device. Pin 1 of the Harting connector must be connected to the higher potential conductor of the BN power supply.


Figure 2: Power Connector Cable View and Chassis View

To turn on the unit, simply apply power. The typical power draw is 275W. The max power draw is ~330W.

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