Device Web UI Overview

Both the BN and RN have a web UI that can be accessed from TCS or directly by entering the IP address into a browser. The default IP address is and Chrome is the preferred and supported browser. A user can also log directly into the device via the web UI icon located on the device’s individual device view window. Clicking this open will open a new browser window to the login page for this device’s web UI. This allows an admin to proxy into the Web UI on the BN or RN from TCS. This UI is the same interface seen if directly connected through the management port on the device. 

OP Admin rights in TCS and the web UI login/password information for this device are required to access the web UI from TCS.


Web UI access for both the BN and RN is available, but should not be used for configuration changes once the initial deployment has been completed. Configuration settings in TCS will overwrite web UI settings. To avoid confusion or incorrect settings being applied, use TCS for configuration once the device is registered and connected to TCS.


Figure 114: Accessing a Device Web UI through TCS

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