Cannot Connect to RN Web UI

There are two different ways to connect to the web UI of the RN:

  1. Via TCS

  2. Through a laptop directly connected to the POE injector powering the RN

Cannot Connect to an RN via TCS/RN Does Not Appear in TCS

In order for an RN to appear in TCS, it must be connected to a BN that has an internet connection. Without a connection to a BN, the only way to access the RN web UI is via a laptop connected into the RN’s POE injector. Once the RN connects to the BN, it will send heartbeats over the link every 30 seconds. The RN will not be visible in TCS until at least one of these heartbeats is received. 

If the RN web UI is accessed via TCS and appears to be slow or unresponsive, this may be due to excessive retries or dropped packets between the RN and the BN. Confirm the link signal strength and antenna alignment to ensure a strong signal.

Cannot Connect to RN via Laptop

The web UI may be accessed by connecting a laptop to the Ethernet port of the RN’s PoE injector. To confirm connectivity, check the following steps:

  1. The laptop is connected via a gigabit Ethernet full-duplex link. Half-duplex or fast ethernet (100 Mbps) connections are not supported by the RN.

  2. The laptop has the appropriate IP address and subnet configured. By default, the IP address of an RN is

  3. Check the hardware between the laptop and the RN. It is possible to have an RN that powers up but cannot be accessed via the web UI. Common issues include:

    • Faulty or improperly terminated Ethernet cables

    • Dirty cable terminators

    • An excessively long Ethernet cable run. The entire length from laptop to RN cannot exceed 100 m.

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