RN Not Connecting to BN

If the RN is powered up but not connecting to the BN, there are several common issues that may apply.

RN is Not Fully Booted

Check the STATUS LED on the bottom edge of the RN to determine boot status. If the RN is fully booted and operational, the LED will be green. For more information about the RN LED status lights, refer to Appendix A: Device LED Lights.

RN Searching/Calibrating Radio

After initial power up, the RN goes through a process of searching for nearby BNs. Once a BN has been selected, it then goes through a calibration process before the link is fully established and ready for use. An RN can take 5-7 minutes to fully boot and connect to a BN. 

To determine the RN radio state, log into the RN web UI. Select Setup, and confirm the value of the Radio State field.


Figure 132: Confirm RN Radio State

Incorrect Operator ID

The RN uses the Operator ID to determine which BNs are suitable candidates to establish a link. The RN must have the same Operator ID as its intended BN. To verify and configure the RN’s operator ID, use the following steps:

  1. Verify the Operator ID of the BN. This can be viewed by logging into the BN and checking the Operator ID field via the Setup menu.

  2. Log into the RN web UI.

  3. Click Setup from the navigation pane on the left.

  4. Check the value displayed in the Operator ID field. Modify if needed.


Figure 133: Check Operator ID in RN Web UI

BN Radio is Muted

If the BN is not transmitting, the RN will not be able to see the BN and connect. To verify the BN is transmitting, log into the BN web UI and check the Radio Control icon on the left. It should be marked as Up. If it is not, click the icon to unmute the radio. The LINK LED on the BN will be red if the radio is muted.


Figure 134: Unmute BN Radio

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