Pre-Deployment Checklist

Before deploying a G1 network, it is recommended to create and follow a checklist that includes:

Base Node

  • BN installation location, including longitude, latitude, and mounting height

  • Radio frequencies (carrier 0 and carrier 1)

  • Recording of IP address information for the network interfaces:

  • In-band management IP address and subnet mask with either static IP or DHCP

  • Management default gateway (required)

  • Data VLAN (required)

  • Management VLAN (optional)

  • DNS servers (required)

  • NTP servers (required)

  • Out-of-band management IP address (optional)

  • Confirm backhaul network the BN will be connected to can reach TCS and has the following ports to open:

    • 443 (TCP for HTTPS)

    • 53 (UDP for DNS))

    • 123 (UDP for network time)

  • Confirm all necessary installation and mounting equipment as specified in the BN Installation Guide

Note: The BN’s default IP address on the MGMT port is

Remote Node

Note: The RN’s default management IP address is


  • Confirm TCS login works correctly Tarana Cloud Suite Overview and has the appropriate level of administrative rights assigned for all users.

  • Confirm Region, Market, Site, Cell and Sector assignment information. For more about these network entities, please refer to the TCS Network Configuration section of this guide.

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