BN Installation Preparation


Tarana recommends that the BN be powered and get an initial configuration prior to being mounted on the tower.

Use the following checklists to ensure you have all the required items before beginning a Tarana BN installation. Verify the contents of the Tarana supplied hardware.


  • 13mm combination wrench

  • Torque wrench

  • T30 Torx driver

  • Crimping tool (6 AWG)

Customer Supplied Equipment

  • Power cable - a 2-wire outdoor rated cable of suitable size for the cable run, or as per local code

  • Ground wire (6 AWG)

  • Ethernet cable - shielded CAT5e/CAT6

  • PC laptop with admin rights

Tarana Hardware Peripherals

  • AC power supply (optional)

  • Harting DC pigtail

  • Harting optical cable

  • Harting RJ45 cable

  • Lightning and surge protection devices

  • BN radio unit (16.4 x 21 x 4.6 in; 41.7 x 53.3 x 11.6 cm)

  • BN mounting kit

BN Mounting Kit Contents

  • (4) M8 bolts: 1.25 x 120 mm

  • (4) M8 bolts: 1.25 x 80 mm

  • (4) M8 bolts: 1.25 x 25 mm

  • (4) M-8 nuts: 1.25

  • (8) M-8 washer, wedge-lock

  • (1) BN-pole-mount bracket assembly


Figure 1: BN Mounting Kit Contents

Surge Protectors

Two models of DC Defender surge protectors are available. Model 1101-1027-KT (item B) should be used when the cable size used to power the BN is larger than 10AWG.

  • A. DC Defender (DC Surge Protector) w/Mounting Kit: 1101-1110-KT

  • B. DC Defender (DC Surge Protector): 1101-1027-2. Pole Mount Kit: 1000-1702


See DC Defender surge protector 1101-1110-KTand DC Defender surge protector 1101-1027-2for installation instructions. It is recommended that all power and surge protector cables be assembled and tested in the lab prior to installation in the field.

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