RN Installation Preparation

Use the following checklists to ensure you have all the required items before beginning a Tarana RN installation. Verify the contents of the Tarana supplied hardware.


  • #2 Phillips tip screwdriver

  • 8mm hex socket wrench

  • Torque wrench

  • Crimping tool(not shown)

  • Laptop with admin rights (not shown)


Figure 1: Tools

Customer Supplied Equipment

  • Grounding wire per local electrical code with attachment tapped for an M5 screw

  • Ethernet cable - shielded CAT5e/CAT6, outdoor-rated

  • Ethernet cable - shielded CAT5e/CAT6, indoor-rated

Note: The total length of both Ethernet cables must not exceed 100m (328 ft).


Figure 2: Customer Supplied Equipment

Tarana Hardware and Peripherals

  • PoE injector 40-60 VDC, 1.5A

  • (2) Worm gear clamps

  • Grounding screw

  • Ethernet cable cord grip

  • (8) M5 flanged-head screw with thread lock

  • RN chassis bracket

  • RN elevation bracket

  • Tarana G1 Remote Node (RN) radio unit


Figure 3: Tarana Hardware

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