Sector Goes Down (BN Becomes Muted)

If the BN loses its GPS lock, it will mute itself. This will disconnect all connected RNs which effectively brings down the sector. To verify, follow these steps:

  1. Log into TCS.

  2. Click Devices on the navigation pane.

  3. Find the row that corresponds to the BN in question.

  4. Click the serial number of the BN to open the individual device page.

  5. Check the Information card to verify the network entities for the BN (Market, Site, Cell, etc.).

  6. Click Performance on the navigation pane.

  7. Use the network selector tool at the top of the screen, using the network entities from step 5. Click Apply.

  8. Toggle the switch in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to Compare KPIs.

  9. Click Customize and select GPS Lock Status from the list of available KPIs.

  10. Choose the time period to graph the data. Use the zoom tool (mouse drag in the graph) as needed.

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