Bringing Up a New BN

The following is a general guide for the process of bringing a new BN into service:

  1. Confirm the unit powers up.

  2. Ensure the BN has an internet connection via one of its data ports (Data1, Data2 or Data3).

  3. Connect a laptop to the BN’s MGMT port.

  4. Use an appropriate IP address on the laptop to access the BN’s default OOB management IP of

  5. Enter on a web browser of the laptop to bring up the BN’s web UI. The default username and password: admin, admin123.

  6. For in-band management, enter a static IP within the subnet of the LAN gateway or enable DHCP to give the BN an IP address.

  7. Configure the Data VLAN on the BN.

  8. Enter the management IP gateway.

  9. Verify the connection to TCS by confirming the Hostname appears in green text at the top of the screen in the BN’s web UI.

  10. Confirm that the BN shows up in TCS by logging into TCS from the laptop (

  11. From TCS, go to Admin → Network Configuration to assign the BN to the appropriate network entities (Region, Market, Site, Cell, Sector).

For more information on BN installation, please refer to the BN Installation Section on our Help Center.

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