DC Defender Installation (1101-1110-KT)


Setting up a DC Defender for a G1 Base Node requires gathering, at a minimum, the following:


  • Panduit CT-1002 and Crimpmaster ratchet crimp tools or equivalent

  • Soldering iron and wires

  • Wire insulation stripper

  • Torque driver (25-45 in-lbf)


  • 1 DC Defender with mounting kit PN 35-0104-001

    • This includes the DC Defender (PN 73-0025-001) and mounting kit (PN 48-0122-001)

  • 1 Harting terminated DC cable for the Tarana node side of the DC Defender installation PN 33-0004-XXX (where XXX = length in meters)

  • 1 DC cable for the power source side of the DC Defender installation (not included)

    • Belden 5240F1 or equivalent - 16 AWG stranded (7x24) tinned copper conductors, PVC insulation, Beldfoil® shield (100% coverage), drain wire, water-blocking tape, PVC jacket.

  • 4 terminal ferrules (not included)

    • Panduit FSD78-8-D or equivalent

  • 2 terminal rings (not included)

    • Panduit P18-6R-C or equivalent

Specifications for Transtector DC Defender 48-5


48 VDC


ANSI, UL, CSA, IEC 60950, RoHS

Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage

60 VDC

Maximum Line Current

15 Amps

Other Features

Outdoor enclosure


Compression lugs


5 lbs


7.17 x 5.69 x 1.65 inches


Figure 8: Defender Exterior

DC Cable Assembly

The completed DC cable assembly is shown below. This cable assembly will be performed on the ends of 2 DC cables - one connecting to the Tarana node, and the other connecting to the DC power source.

  1. Strip the DC cable insulation to 1.4”. The drain, red, and black wires will be exposed.

  2. Cut the red wire to 1” from the cable jacket.

  3. Strip the insulation back 1/2” from the ends.

  4. Insert the red wire conductor into the terminal ferrule. Use crimp tool to crimp the terminal ferrule onto the wire.

  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for the black wire.

  6. Insert the drain wire into the terminal ring. Use crimp tool to crimp the terminal ring onto the drain wire.


Figure 9: Completed DC Cable Assembly

DC Defender 48-5 Assembly

The complete DC Defender assembly with cover removed is shown below.


The left two terminal lugs should be connected to the DC power source. The right two terminal lugs should be connected to the Tarana node. Positive polarity on the pairs of terminal lugs is located on the left. Both DC cable assembly wires should be routed through the strain relief at the cable openings. The enclosure features a built-in cable retention that grips the cable with a screw down bracket.

  1. Remove the cover by removing the two screws on the front of the unit.

  2. Loosen the terminal lug screws. Insert the red and black wires into the terminals. Torque terminal lug screws to 25 in-lbf.

  3. Loosen the ground lug screws. Install the drain wire rings and torque ground lug screws to 25 in-lbf.

  4. Replace cover and secure with the two screws removed in step 1. Torque to 40-45 in-lbf.


Figure 10: Completed DC Defender Assembly

DC Defender 48-5 Installation

The DC Defender is intended to be installed indoors or outdoors, on wall or pole mount applications. The unit features mounting feet on the sides that mount on 4” center-to-center holes with #10 sized hardware. 

The optimum ground connection on the metal enclosure unit at the mounting flange on either side is shown at right. Use minimum 8 AWG wire for a ground attachment. 

Install the DC Defender as close to the Tarana Base Node as possible. Mount the unit in the orientation shown, with the strain-reliefs facing the ground.


Attach the ground wire (not provided) to the DC defender using the provided ground screw & star washer. The ground wire should be as short as possible (less than 3 feet) between the DC Defender and the site grounding point. Torque ground screw to 40-45 in-lbf.

Wall Mount

Mount the unit to an outside surface using the 2 mounting holes and #10 sized hardware.

Pole Mount

The mounting kit provided supports pole diameters ranging from 4” to 10” and includes a pole clamp, mounting bracket, and 2 screws.

  1. Attach the mounting bracket to the back of the DC Defender using screws provided. Torque to 15-20 in-lbf.

  2. Loosen the tension bolt of the pole clamp completely. Insert the band through the bracket slots.

  3. Place the clamp (with DC Defender) around the pole and tighten the tension bolt to secure the clamp to the pole. Torque to 30 in-lbf.


Figure 11: DC Defender Grounding


Figure 12: Bracket and Pole Mounted

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