Unable to Connect to BN Web UI

In-band Management IP Address Incorrect

If the In-band Management IP address is configured to be outside the LAN subnet, the web UI will not be accessible from a laptop connected to that LAN. Always confirm that the In-band Management IP is on the same subnet as the LAN default gateway.


Figure 135: Laptop and BN on the Same LAN


Figure 136: In-band Management IP for BN

Data Only Flows in One Direction

If data traffic is seen to only flow in one direction across a Tarana RF link (between the BN and RN), this could be because the data traffic ingressing to the BN is untagged. Traffic coming in to any of the data ports (Data1, Data2, Data3) must be tagged with the Data VLAN number, which is 2000 by default. This includes traffic coming from the server side (southbound traffic).


Figure 137: Data VLAN on the BN


Figure 138: Traffic Flow

Incorrect Management VLAN

If the Tagged Mgmt toggle switch is enabled, all management traffic for the BN is tagged. Ensure the correct VLAN number is in use. If management traffic is not supposed to be tagged, toggle the Tagged Mgmt switch to Disabled.


Figure 139: Management VLAN Configuration

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