Device Connections

Click Connections from the navigation pane to view information about connected RNs. A summary of sector statistics is shown at the top, including:

  • Utilization: Shows the percentage of sector capacity in use.

  • Active Connections: Shows the number of RNs currently connected to the BN.

  • Connection Requests: Indicates how many RNs have attempted to connect to the BN including the number of failed attempts, if any.

  • Aggregate Capacity: Shows the current capacity in use by the connected devices by connection direction (download and upload).

  • Aggregate Throughput: This is the amount of data throughput being passed through the BN by connection direction (download and upload).

A summary of each connected device is shown below the sector summary, including:

  • RN serial number and hostname

  • Link Uptime

  • RF Range in meters

  • Downlink Block Error Rate expressed in scientific (e) notation

  • Uplink Block Error Rate expressed in scientific (e) notation

  • Downlink capacity in Mbps

  • Uplink capacity in Mbps

Click on a device serial number to reach that RN’s device page. This information is also available by clicking the Connection Details tab and entering the device serial number or hostname in the search bar.


Figure 130: Device Connections

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