Navigation Panel Options Common to the BN and RN


Click Diagnostics in the navigation pane to view a checklist of key system status indicators. The Diagnostics page consists of a Status Checklist, a Troubleshooting, and a Subscriber tab.


Figure 115: RN and BN Diagnostics (Status Checklist)

Under the troubleshooting tab, DNS lookup, ping, and traceroute are available troubleshooting tools.


Figure 116: RN and BN Diagnostics (Troubleshoot tab)


Figure 117: RN Diagnostics Troubleshoot Examples

In the RN interface, use the Speed Test tab to test the throughput to the BN. In the BN interface, use the Subscriber tab to test the throughput of the BN to RN link by first entering the serial number of the RN, then selecting downlink only or roundtrip under type. Enter the number of trials, the trial duration, and rate. Then click start.


Figure 118: RN and BN Diagnostics (Throughput tests)


Device software upgrades are done by clicking Upgrade from the navigation pane. The software banks and respective versions are indicated. 

Each RN and BN supports up to three different versions of software:

  1. Factory: Software version loaded if the device is reset to factory defaults

  2. System 1: Bank used to house software version

  3. System 2: Redundant bank used to house software version


Either System 1 or System 2 can be the active bank.

The active bank is the software version the device is currently using as noted by *currently active. The intent of having multiple banks is to be able to use one bank for operation while newer software versions are loaded on the other banks for use at a later time.

To upgrade software, click Choose File and browse to the Tarana-supplied software file. Click Confirm Upgrade. Upgrades are performed at the next system reboot. A reboot will happen automatically and immediately upon clicking Confirm Upgrade.


Figure 119: RN and BN Software Upgrade


To reboot the device, click Reboot from the navigation pane. Click Confirm to immediately reboot.


Note: Rebooting a BN is service affecting for all associated RNs.


Figure 120: Reboot Device


A Snapshot collects a set of logs and is intended for troubleshooting purposes when working with Tarana Technical Support. Click Create Snapshot from the navigation panel to take a snapshot of the device’s debug and log information. If the snapshot is performed from TCS, the snapshot is stored in the cloud and accessible Tarana Wireless, Inc. ©2021. All rights reserved. G1 Administration Guide vG1-AG-2022-08— 93 to Tarana Support. If performed locally (from the device web UI) it is stored locally. In all cases, the snapshot file is only accessible to Tarana Support and engineers.


Figure 121: Web UI: Snapshots

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