What’s New in TCS 2022-09

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  • Glad to see the "Primary BN" feature is actually coming to reality!.

    I see, however, that the article indicates software version 0.980 or newer is required, and that version is not yet released, is there an expected date for release of version 0.980+ ?

    Also, an additional question (as the article does not spell this possibility out): if a BN goes offline so the RN loses link from its selected Primary BN, is there a feature within the TCS and RN so that when the selected Primary BN is once again available the RN can automatically link back up to that Primary BN without user action required ?
    Such as:
    perhaps the RN can periodically check with TCS "is my Primary BN available?" and if "yes" it will switch link to the Primary BN instead of the other BN it had found.


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