G1 Device Software Release Notes 0.977

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  • Does this release fix the issue of having support log in to change the dhcp request to broadcast vs the unicast?

  • Would appreciate downloadable .tbn file of this version so our team can bench upgrade our in-stock units in warehouse/offices prior to field crews deploying to the field

  • I would liked downloadable as well.

  • Mike Sisson Cody Holcomb

    Here is a link to the knowledge base article on upgrading the software directly (Knowledge Base > Upgrade Software Directly via the Base Node (BN) or Remote Node (RN)):

    Click "Upgrading the Tarana Remote Node (RN)", there is a link to download the firmware there.  I would have linked directly to the download here, but if you go to the article, the link will always be to the latest version.

    We are working on adding a way to download from TCS.  I'll let you know when that is available.

  • okay, thanks. I see it is now giving the link to the new version.
    yes downloading via the TCS would be very nice.


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