Tarana Wireless Support Quick Start Guide

Tarana Wireless Support is the single point of contact for Tarana customer technical support issues and provides:

  • Incident management through its lifecycle
  • Customer issue and query resolution with customer success our primary goal
  • 24 x 7 x 365 availability
  • Multiple channels of communication (TCS, E-mail, Phone)

Note: All support requests start by logging a ticket at support.taranawireless.com

Create A Support Account

There are three ways to create your account for Tarana support:

    1. Website: To access the sign-in page:
      • Open a browser to support.taranawireless.com
      • Click “Sign In”
      • Under Zendesk subdomain enter TaranaWireless
      • To create your individual account, use an email with the company’s domain to ensure the ticket is assigned to the correct account
    2. To have a batch of users added to Tarana Support, email to support@taranawireless.com a list of all users who need an account with the following information for each:
      • Each user’s name
      • Company email address
      • Phone number
      • Role within the company
      • The Tarana support team will then add these users to our support system and associate them with your company account.
    3. By default, when an email is received at support@taranaewireless.com that is not associated to a support account, an account is created and associated with the user email. To avoid having an account that is not associated correctly to your company account, always use your company email when logging in, opening a ticket, or communicating with Support.

Note: Methods 1 and 2 are the recommended account setup procedures.

Using Tarana Wireless Support

All support requests start by logging a ticket at support.taranawireless.com

Optionally, use the Zendesk app.

Customers can contact the Tarana Wireless support team via our support system which allows customers to:

  • Open a ticket with the Tarana Support team
  • Track tickets in real time
  • Communicate directly with the Support team
  • Receive information and operational notifications

Receive Updates and Announcements

Once logged into your Tarana Wireless Support account, click on any of the three buttons: Guides, Knowledge Base or Recent Feature Releases.

Check the "Guides"for written documentation and videos about our products and RMA process. The Announcements page has information on upcoming updates, outages, or other information.

To receive email notifications when we post about Tarana Cloud Suite (TCS) updates, outage alerts, and Knowledge Base updates, Follow each of the pages.

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