TCS Release Notes - 2023-05-03

Intended Audience

This document is intended for system administrators and engineers interested in the design, daily management, operations, and troubleshooting of Tarana G1 networks including base nodes, remote nodes, and the Tarana Cloud Suite (TCS).

To benefit from this document, the reader must have a good working knowledge of radio frequency (RF), wireless systems, and networking concepts. 

The G1 products are designed to be installed and used by trained professionals and require that such professionals adhere to all relevant regulatory, safety, and telecom industry best practice guidelines for outdoor radios.  This document assumes that the Tarana G1 base node and remote nodes are installed onsite and are connected to the TCS.

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and product enhancements.

Link Disconnection Table

Customer Application

Feature Description

Alternate Base Node Connection Improvement

To clarify the expected behavior, TCS provides a more targeted list of options for the admin to select when choosing how long to wait before seeking an alternate base node. TCS also provides a default selection that matches the recommended setting of 15 minutes.

These wait times cause the remote node to wait for the primary base node to recover before attempting to connect to an alternate base node. Options for wait times of 25 minutes or more have been removed so that none of the new options result in the remote node waiting an indeterminate amount of time. This change prevents the remote node from situations in which it can no longer make a connection to any base node, which could require the provider to deploy a maintenance crew to the site.

Northbound API Enhancements

Customer Application

Feature Description

Speed Test Link Rate Graph Update

In this release the uplink data rate appears on the speed test graph so that you can see the data transfer rates and link ratio visually during a speed test.


Usability Enhancements

The following user experience and interface enhancements have been added to TCS:

  • Performance Summary: When you hover over an event in the timeline, a tooltip-style pane containing a performance summary appears. The summary pane has been redesigned to be easier to view and understand.


    Performance summary

  • Navigation Menu Accent Color: The accent color of the left navigation menu is now blue.

  • Animated Activity Spinner: The spinner displayed when a page is loading has been updated.

  • Notification Improvements: Notification and profile icons have been adjusted to appear more uniform.


    Previous notifications


    New notifications

Known Issues

The following issues are known to exist in the current release. Where possible, a workaround appears in the Description column.




After an administrator attempts to reacquire spectrum, the CBRS Summary card displays old information.

Workaround: The card updates when the spectrum reacquisition is completed in about 30 seconds.


When a remote node disconnects from one base node and connects to another base node on different frequencies, a new grant can take up to 20 minutes.

Workaround: Select Reacquire Spectrum to request a new grant immediately.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release.




When the admin updated a configuration through the API, TCS uploaded the new configuration to the device, but did not update the information in the interface, resulting in a configuration mismatch alarm.


Device alarm descriptions did not contain helpful information.


TCS was reporting a 0 meter line-of-sight (LoS) distance to a correctly configure remote node.

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